Booz Allen Hamilton - Game Designer / VR Developer


Designer, UI/Experience Designer, VR Developer 

• Currently building immersive simulations/serious games for the DoD and government clients geared for HTC Vive and Oculus headsets.

• Collaborating with the Lead Designer and an agile team to produce immersive content (VR/AR).

• Responsible for outlining application features and monitoring the implementation of the core design.

• Actively serve as experience designer and researcher for Virtual Reality design principles.

• Developing gameplay elements, mechanics, and incorporating educational elements into all training applications.

• Designer and implementer of User Interfaces.

• Generating, overseeing, and testing candidate and development builds utilizing Unity Engine.


​Due to the sensitive and secure nature of the work we do for the armed forces and US Government, there are limited examples of our products available at the moment. Please contact me for more information.