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Bloodriver (Starter Map)



Ruined City of Midras

City of Ardoris


Ruined City of Rhun

7 Vaults of the Ruined Cities

Ruined Fort of Kas

BloodRiver Outskirts

Ruined Prison of Libris

Middle Downs

North Shattered Hills

North Quel Way

Understorm Gold Mine

Elven City of Yew

South Fetid Swamp

Blood River Forest

Tenebris Harbor

Town of Westend

Norgard Fens


Maps/Levels Designed:

Desolate Hills
Bloodriver (Starter/Tutorial Map)
Bloodriver Adventure Map
Highvale (Starter/Tutorial Map)
Highvale Adventure Map
Village of Vertas
North Naryad Pinelands
Brittany Graveyard
City of Aerie
Sanctus Spine
Paladis Shardfall
Shores of Malice
Malice Dungeon
City of Brittany (Capital City of Shroud of the Avatar)
Brittany Fields / Brittany Wharfs (Outskirts of the Capital City)
Town of Spite
Port Graff


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