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Portalarium - Designer / Level Designer / World Builder 



•Created in-game maps/levels from initial concept/white boxing to completion.

•Responsible for over 40+ levels, accountable for level ownership and content deadlines.
•Collaborated with the Lead Artist and Creative Director to achieve the vision/aesthetics. 
•Artistic eye for detail, with strong scene compositional skills focusing on telling a story.
•Built, texturized, lighted, and decorated natural, terrain based exterior/interior environments.
•Worked with various kits/modular sets to create unique dungeons, caves, and iconic locations.

•Set up gameplay elements including spawning maps with interactive objects (traps, obstacles), resources, and creatures. Set-up AI waypoint paths, NPC schedules, spawn locations, Navmesh, scene exits and markers.
•Communicated with the Writers/Quest Designers to prepare events and ensure gameplay elements were present.

•Artistically crafted the hand-drawn in-game mini maps for all the levels we designed.

•Mentored other designers with the level making process and level creation techniques.

Titles: Shroud of the Avatar (MMO/RPG)

Launched: March 2018

Engine: Unity



Designer, Level Designer, World Builder, Level Artist



South Fetid Swamp

Ruins of Novia

Cities of Novia