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Personal/VR Projects - Designer / Developer / Creator


Title: Hominin VR

Engine: Unity



Designer, Sole Developer

Hominin VR

•Created a prehistoric world where you play as Australopithecus Afarensis in VR.

Collaborated with University of Texas Anthropology Dept. to bring accuracy to the creatures of the era. 

Designed a detailed prehistoric world set in the African Rift Valley. Including scene research, terrain sculpting, lighting, and visual effects. 

•Created movement mechanics, cameras, character controllers, UI, and interaction within the world utilizing Unity and C#.

•Created custom 3d models in Maya and utilized photoshop for texture editing and creation. 

•Targeted app towards the Occulus Rift VR Headset.


ISSA Interactive Solar System Application




Designer, Developer, Creator

  • I.S.S.A. is an interactive educational application about the Solar System meant to teach kids about Science while offering a 3d virtual space. 

  • I designed, UV mapped, and texturized 70% of the models in Maya and applied them in the Unity Game Engine where I added materials and shaders. 

  • Interactive Solar System utilizes NGUI and was scripted in C#, all planets have rotational and orbital motions and you can even explore some of their surfaces!

  • It also features a Moon Simulator where players have the opportunity to walk on the moon alongside hearing authentic audio from the Apollo Moon Landing.

  • I.S.S.A. features lit up buttons, transparent and togglable UI windows, and dynamic audio to create an enjoyable interactive experience.

Project Our World

Project Our World was started by Esteben Zaldivar as a project for the ESA LOFT Fellowship in July 2014. It was showcased at the 2014 Captivate Conference in Austin, TX and has been submitted to the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards. 


Project Our World is an interactive educational application meant to teach young students about the effects of humanity on the environment. Through the creation of a 3d virtual environment it offers a unique way to learn about the consequences of damaging our ecosystems.




Designer, Developer, Creator

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